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What Sets Us Apart

Better Living Through Dentistry

At Healthy Smiles of Pearland, we know high-quality dental care is but one aspect of living a healthy life. While our service focuses on oral health, we also emphasize the connection between dental and overall wellness: what happens in the body affects the mouth and the health of the mouth affects the body.

By teaching you about this interconnectedness, and providing useful, practical guidance, Dr. Nedith Casquete and our team help you take control of your life. We aid in improving your physical and emotional health, while achieving a beautiful, stable, and functional smile!

Why Choose Healthy Smiles of Pearland?

  • Longevity and Stability: We have served the greater Pearland community from our Shadow Creek Ranch office since 2008. Our staff has very low turnover, so you will see the same familiar people you have come to know and trust at each visit. This is important, as it ensures continuity of care and allows us to forge a real connection with you, and for you to feel secure in our hands.
  • Attention to Detail: Dr. Casquete pride herself on her attention to the most nuanced aspects of dentistry. While she and our team want you to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results, we also want your treatment to provide a lasting improvement to your health. That is why we take time to perform each treatment under a microscopic loop and properly diagnose a full treatment plan before starting any care, and will always walk you through the process so you understand what we will do and why.
  • Focus on Empowerment: We know that an engaged and educated individual is able to make informed decisions about their dental treatment and about their general health. We will provide you with practical, easily-implemented guidance about dental hygiene, nutrition, and lifestyle choices, so you are able to make the best decisions. In doing so, we allow you to be an active participant in leading a healthier life!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

The first step toward a healthier, happier life, and a more radiant smile, is a complimentary consultation with Dr. Casquete at Healthy Smiles of Pearland. No obligation or pressure, we promise: instead, an open and non-judgmental conversation about your dental health, treatment desires, and how we can help you achieve your healthiest, most confident smile!

Please contact our Pearland, TX dental office and schedule your consultation, today!

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