Meet Your Spa Experts!

Mr. Klinger Casquete was born, raised, and educated in Colombia. As a college student in Colombia he played on the basketball team and was invited to do a basketball student exchange in Puerto Rico, which became his second home. He went on to get a Master's of Arts in English Education, and then taught English as a second language for two years at the university level. In 1997, he was recruited by HISD as a school teacher and, six years later he got promoted to a school administrative position, which is now his full-time job. In his spare time, he went to massage therapy school, which enhanced his love for wellness and balance.

We are proudly presenting a new patient-oriented concept at Healthy Smiles of Pearland Dental Spa, which integrates the art and science of dentistry with a natural and holistic approach to relaxation and healthcare. With this in mind, Klinger has made an extra effort to adapt certain flowing and soothing massage techniques to be applied to the head, especially for easing the discomfort and soreness of TMJ disorder. He has also put together an exclusive full body massage routine, Klinger's Signature Massage, which incorporates the Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports massage therapy methods.

Klinger's interests include international politics, his favorite music is salsa, and now, his new passion is massage therapy.

mr klinger and dr casquete

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